One Reason We Have a Qullt Show

I (Leeanna) just finished watching Ricky Tims on “The Quilt Show” making a kaleidoscope
quilt look a lot easier to make than it likely is.
I tell you that to say this: I got to take a class with Ricky Tims when he was
first starting out. Where? Right here in NW Arkansas, thanks to QUILT.
Having teachers like Ricky is possible because of the money raised through the
quilt show.
Ricky has been here twice and may never come again, but let me point out other
teachers we have been lucky enough to have: Marsha McCloskey, Margaret Miller,
Kaye England and, most recently Jacquie Gering who appears to be skyrocketing to
the top.
We can only bring teachers if we have a successful show and to do that, we need
your help.
Please enter your quilts — the more, the better. Also we needyour small quilts
for the auction and we need you to sell raffle tickets on Basket Case.
Volunteers are certainly needed, and we would love to have your holiday
challenge quilt to show our visitors how diverse quilting can be.
Please be a part of YOUR show.
The 2013 Quilt Show Committee

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