Crunch Time!

Crunch time! And I don’t mean abdominal crunches.
I know all of you working furiously to finish your quilts for this show.
Before delivering them to a drop off remember you need to attach a form to the lower right corner.. Please fold your quilt so that can’t bee seen.
The form is part of the registration form, but here is a copy for your use:
ATTACH this form, with two safety pins, to the BACK of your
quilt in the LOWER RIGHT CORNER.
Quilts must be delivered to a designated drop-off location NO LATER THAN March 5, 2013.
Entrant Name: ______________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________
City: _____________________________ State: ________________ Zip: __________

You will also need a pick up form to get your quilt after the show:
QUILT PICK UP FORM: KEEP AND PRESENT this form at the time entries are picked up at
the close of the show. Only one completed form will be required per show entrant. A photo ID or
some form of identification will be required for release of your entries. If you are unable to be present,
please designate the person who will pick up your entries on this form AND GIVE HIM/HER THIS
Entrant Name: _________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________
City: _________________________ State: _________________ Zip: ____________
Person(s) given permission to pick up my entries: ______________________________

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