A Challenge!

From Sharon Holladay:
Heaven help us, Dorothy Day is bored!  She’s only had 88 entries to date and is getting antsy.  So, to motivate you a bit, here’s my personal challenge to the guild:
If we make 200 entries (2011 level), I will personally make and donate a baby quilt prominently displaying Sunbonnet Sue.  Those who know me understand this is one I swore I’d NEVER do.  🙂
If we make it to 250, that quilt will be done in my “favorite” color – PINK (yetch!!!)
If we match the 2009 entry level – 300 quilts entered, I, a certified batikaholic, will make that quilt in pink 30’s fabric.
Top the 2009 total and I’ll wear pink to every meeting for the rest of the year, and I don’t even own anything pink!
So, faced with two of my worst quilting fears, I challenge you, ladies and gents.  Print those forms and photos and let’s get Ms. Day hopping faster than the Easter Bunny!