Quilt Congress Supply List for Raija Salomaa’s Class

Supply List for
Corner Beam Magic
Whispers of Lapland Supply List
(Finished quilt measures 36” x 36”)
Background Fabric: 1 ¾ yards
12 Assorted Fabrics: 4” x 5” piece of each*
12 Assorted Fabrics: 4” x 11” piece each*
Rotary Cutter and Mat
Basic Sewing Supplies (including iron, pressing surface, sewing machine, thread, needles for your
machine, scissors, etc)
*You may want to bring more than 12 pieces of assorted fabrics of each measurement to the class so
you can change fabrics around if something looks out of place.
Required precutting (please do this prior to the class):
Background fabric:
Cut three 6 ½” strips – sub‐cut them (in this order) into four 6 ½” x 12 ½” rectangles, five 6 ½” squares,
and eight 4” squares
Cut four 4” strips – sub‐cut them into forty 4” squares (so you will have a total of forty‐eight 4” squares)
The extra yardage is for the border and the binding
Assorted Fabrics:
Either have them cut as shown on supply list (4” x 5” or 4” x 11”), or they can also be brought in strips of
4” each.

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