Jane Sassaman to Speak, Teach in August

Internationally known quilter Jane Sassaman will be the speaker at the Aug. 27 meeting of Quilters United in Learning Together. Her program is entitled “Quilting Against the Odds.” The program is free to QUILT members, but non-members will be charged $5 to attend.

Sassaman’s art quilts have been shown in many national and international exhibits, including Quilt National and Contemporary American Quilts, the first major exhibit of American art quilts in England. Her quilt “Willow” was named as one of the 100 best American quilts of the century. She is the author of “The Quilted Garden,” which includes 20 years of her work and exercises for making nature-inspired quilts.

Sassaman will also teach a workshop while in Northwest Arkansas, but all spots have been filled.

QUILT will meet at 7 p.m. Aug. 27 at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 2898 S. 48th St. in Springdale.

Save the Date

Upcoming programs:

Aug. 27 —  Jane Sassaman  Lecture (non-members $5)   “Quilting Against the Odds”    Note:  the workshop by Jane Sassaman is full.
Sept. 24 — Alice McElwain   Lecture:  “Civil War Quilts and the Underground Railroad,” a discussion of the quilts and their stories as well as the myth of the UGRR.
Oct. 22 — Karen Kielmeyer  Lecture:  Trunk Show and “Quilts for Show”

Bohannon to Lecture, Teach in July

Airing of the Quilts

Our May 28 meeting will be our annual Airing Of the Quilts.

We line the fences with quilts at Lonetta Blevin’s house, 3302 Perry Road in Rogers. This is just across the street from Target, Cabella’s and Pinnacle Hill’s Promenade.

Please bring a potluck dish to share, as well a folding chair.

Don’t forget to bring a sheet or plastic or other material to cover the fence to protect your quilt.

And please note the earlier start time for this meeting only: 6 p.m.

In case of rain, the meeting is cancelled. An email will go to members alerting them to this should it occur.

And the winners are ……

Best of Show
Nora Krein – “Lolidot, Lollidot, Oh Lolli, Lolli, Lollidot”
Judge ‘s Choice
Jeanie Schneider – “Rainbow After the Storm”
National Quilt Association Certified Judge’s Award
Eiko Roby – “My Little Baltimore Album”
Art Quilts
1st Place- “Bertha”- Biddy Pyle
2nd Place- “Quilt Show Today” – Karen Harmony
3rd Place- “Red Fantasy” – Barbara Hancock
Honorable Mention- “Bodacious Bullseyes”- Sandra Vetter
Baby Quilts
1st Place- “Pinwheel Parade”- Adele Atha
2nd Place- “For Jude” – Kathy Turner
3rd Place- “Posies and Pinwheels” -Anita Crosby
Honorable Mention- “Tumbling Blocks” -Kathy Turner
Bed-Pieced Large Quilts
1st Place- “Convergence Collage”- Sheila Bayles
2nd Place- “Oh Happy Day”- Betty Workman
3rd Place- “Sudies’ Choice”- Betty Workman
Honorable Mention- “It’s a Mystery”- Therese Ramsey
Bed Pieced Small Quilts
1st Place- “Grandmother’s Flower Garden”- JoAnn Collier
2nd Place- “Tumbling Illusions” – Ray Vander Bloemen
3rd Place- “Shakespear #3”- Sharon Phillips
Honorable Mention- “Pinwheels in the Garden” Barbara
Honorable Mention -“Ocean Tide”- Betty Workman
Bed Pieced Throw/Lap Quilt
1st Place- “It All “Adds” Up!”- Kristin Atha
2nd Place- “Pixelated Diamond”- Sharon Phillips
3rd Place- “The End of The Civil War Fabric!”- JoAnn Collier
Honorable Mention – “Hexagon Study” – Carol Parrish
Honorable Mention- “Grandma Goes Modern” -Sheri Shaw
Challenge Quilts
1st Place- “Remembering Cancun” Sheila Bayles
2nd Place- “All Because of The Red Corvette”- Sandy Gray
3rd Place- “Fireworks with Beads!!”- Diane Crandell
Hand Applique Quilt
1st Place – “Lollidot, Lollidot, Oh Lolli, Lolli, Lollidot!”- Nora
2nd Place- “Bird Houses and a Hive”- Diana Haseman
3rd Place- “A Tribute to The Ladies of Baltimore” -Marcia
Honorable Mention- “Log Cabin Memories”- JoAnn Collier
Hand Appliqued Small Quilt
1st Place- “My Little Baltimore” – Eiko Roby
2nd Place- “Bugs and Blooms” -Anne Marie Steeneck
3rd Place- “JoAnn’s Flower Garden”- JoAnn Collier
Honorable Mention- “My Little Dresses”- Helen Hefner
Honorable Mention- “Christmas is Coming” -Mary Knapp
Hand Quilted Bed
1st Place- “Colonial Creamer”- Marcia Rickansrud
2nd Place- “Carlee’s Quilt”- Lonetta Blevins
Hand Quilted Small
1st Place- “Twinkling Stars”- Linda Hancock
2nd Place- “Colonial Eagle” – Marcia Rickansrud
3rdPlace- “St. Nick”- Leeanna Walker
Machine Appliqued Bed
1st Place- “Warm Hearts”- Sandra Vetter
znct Place- “Nod to Nora”- Jeanie Schneider
3rct Place- “Paisley Petals” -Karen Harmony
Machine Applique WallHanging Large
1st Place – “Autumn Houses” – JoAnn Collier
2ndPlace – “Who Gives a Hoot” – Marjorie Langanke
3rd Place – “Wild Flowers” – Suzanne Tourtelot
Honorable Mention- “Funky Flower Frenzy”- Nora Krein
Machine Applique Small Wallhanging
1st Place- “Nature’s Beauty 2”- Therese Ramsey
2nd Place- “The Aquarium” -Sheila Bayles
3rdPlace- “The Secret Garden”- Karen Harmony
Miniature Quilts
1st Place- “Monday Morning Blues”- Natalie McCrory
2nd Place- “13 Stars”- Barbara Hamernik
Mixed Technique Bed Quilts
1st Place- “Dresden Plate” -JoAnn Collier
2nd Place- “Flowers All Around” -Helen Hefner
3rct Place- “Tom Sleeps Under Jane” – Biddy Pyle
Honorable Mention- “Spool Quilt” – Chyleen Bearden
Mixed Technique Large Wall Hanging
1st Place- “Choose Chik’un”- Barbara Hancock
2nd Place- “Blue Birds in the Air” – Kathy Garringer
3rd Place- “Purple Majesty” -Marjorie Langanke
Honorable Mention- “Fruit Fizzies” – Carol Parrish
Mixed Technique Small Wall Hanging
1st Place- “Retro Flower Boxes”- Natalie McCrory
2ndPlace- “Valentine Heart Sampler”- Shelly Watson
3rd Place- “Blue Basket” – Barbara Hamernik
Machine Quilted Bed
1st Place – “Smile on Me” – Raija Salomaa
2nd Place -“Rebel Stars” – Diane Crandell
3rd Place – “Smile on Me” – Kathy Turner
Other Techniques
1st Place- “Summer in Circle”- Shelly Watson
2nd Place- “Tumbling Baby Blocks”- Marjorie Langanke
3rd Place- “Butterfly and Buttercup”- Kathy Garringer
Time Span Quilts
1st Place- “Memories of Martha”- Sandra Vetter
2nd Place- “Sunbonnet Sue Quilt”- Joy Rodda
3rd Place- “The Boston Commons Quilt”- Nora Krein
Honorable Mention- “Aunt Golda’s Butterflies”- Janice Berry
Large Wall Hanging
1st Place- “Asian Lone Star” -Marjorie Langanke
2nd Place- “Jean’s Gift” – Darlene Szabo
3rd Place- “Tumbling Blocks” – Roxanne Birchard
Small Wall Hanging
1st Place- “Wildfire”- Hazel McFall
2nd Place- “Converging Jane” -Therese Ramsey
3rd Place- “Necktie Quilt”- Diane Crandell
Honorable Mention- “Hash Tag Challenge” -Hazel McFall

Calling All Volunteers

Tomorrow’s Heirlooms is just over ONE week away.  It will take all hands on deck to make it a success. If you have not signed up to help in some capacity, or if you find that you will have additional time available to help, please contact Joe Ann Reaves at your earliest convenience. She will be more than happy to work with your availability.  479-619-9204  /  joeareaves@aol.com