Challenge Quilt Sleeves

Those of you working on challenge quilts for the 2013 show will need to sew on a sleeve and it needs to be the sleeve AQS uses in order for our quilts to be considered for the AQS Ultimate Guild Challenge. The 2011 Challenge quilts are at AQS now and Barb Hamernik feels strongly we will be accepted again this year – a testament to the skill in our guild.

Written instructions can be found under the Quilt Tab on the right side of the page.

Here is a video link to directions:

More Congratulations!

Karen Kielmeyer won first place at the Machine Quilters Showcase at Overland Park, Kan. This blue ribbon was for Purple Grace. Some of you may have heard the story of this lovely quilt. Karen was blocking the quilt and pink silk she had used bled onto adjacent fabric. She cut the FINISHED quilt in two and reworked it.Now that takes guts! Congrats to Karen!!