Why Enter a Quilt Show

Your Quilt Show 2013 Committee has asked members why entering a quilt show has been important to them.

The following is from Karen Kielmeyer, show chairwoman.

I had never entered a quilt show until I moved south and did some work for Dr. Sally.  I quilted a quilt for her and she suggested that we enter that quilt, and one I had done myself, into the Houston show.  Sure, why not, could be fun.  Did we win…..nope….but it was really cool to see our work hanging among so many beautiful masterpieces.
I took the judge’s comments to heart and tried to do a better job each quilt I made and entered.  Honestly, I was excited every time the letter came that said I was accepted to enter…..no ribbons for many, many, many  shows…..but I kept working to improve my skills and the ribbons did start coming.  Am I satisfied with my work now…. NOPE…there is always something to be learned from the judge’s comments and always room for improvement.

Competition  makes me much more critical of my work….if some little thing is left as is…it will always be caught during careful inspection by a judge.  I have learned: if it bugs me…fix it!

Take pride in a job well done and share your skills with others.

We’d like to hear your story, please email it to Leeanna Walker, walkerlely@yahoo.com.


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