Why I Enter Quilt Shows

From Leeanna Walker:

Entering a quilt show, and being judged as a participant in the show, are two different things.
I enter every show, but don’t have every piece judged.
Because entering encourages the art of quilting, and that is my primary goal.
Not every person who makes a quilt strives to be accepted at Houston or Paducah. We need to encourage those folks, just like we need to encourage people who achieve national and international recognition.
I am a very eclectic quilter — I make traditional and not so traditional quilts. I love color. I like applique and piecing. I don’t like being placed in a box. If my work catches one person’s eye, and I can encourage them to become a quilter, then I have accomplished something.
I don’t always have my worked judged. It isn’t required, and there are simply times I don’t need to be told what is wrong. I can see it. It doesn’t mean I don’t love that quilt. Think for a minute about the Gee’s Bend quilts. I assure you they would never have been accepted in a national/international show were they not hailed for their artistry.
My goals are to make quilts; to inspire other quilters and wannabe quilters; and to support the art of quilting.
If, along away, I win ribbons or other recognition, that will be great. In the meantime, my reward is seeing someone’s eyes light up when my quilt catches their fancy.

Your 2013 Quilt show committee would like to hear from you. Why do you enter quilt shows? Please email Leeanna Walker at walkerlely@yahoo.com