10 Weeks and Counting

As we enter February it is indeed crunch time. We are all anxious to see one another’s work.
Please be in touch with Therese Ramsey about small quilts.
Challenge quilts will be submitted with exhibit quilts but if you have questions visit with Debbie Wheeler.
Dorothy is waiting with bated breath for your registration — your quilt does not have to be done. She needs approximate size and a color photo in order to make sure the quilts don’t clash when hanging together.
And look out: JoeAnn Reaves is on the hunt for volunteers. Everyone will be needed to put on a successful quilt show. There are plenty of jobs where you can be seated.
And if you have big strong kids or grandkids or know of some folks who volunteer, help with set up and tear down is appreciated. See Barb Hamernick.

Show dates are April 12-13.

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