And the winners are ……

Best of Show
Nora Krein – “Lolidot, Lollidot, Oh Lolli, Lolli, Lollidot”
Judge ‘s Choice
Jeanie Schneider – “Rainbow After the Storm”
National Quilt Association Certified Judge’s Award
Eiko Roby – “My Little Baltimore Album”
Art Quilts
1st Place- “Bertha”- Biddy Pyle
2nd Place- “Quilt Show Today” – Karen Harmony
3rd Place- “Red Fantasy” – Barbara Hancock
Honorable Mention- “Bodacious Bullseyes”- Sandra Vetter
Baby Quilts
1st Place- “Pinwheel Parade”- Adele Atha
2nd Place- “For Jude” – Kathy Turner
3rd Place- “Posies and Pinwheels” -Anita Crosby
Honorable Mention- “Tumbling Blocks” -Kathy Turner
Bed-Pieced Large Quilts
1st Place- “Convergence Collage”- Sheila Bayles
2nd Place- “Oh Happy Day”- Betty Workman
3rd Place- “Sudies’ Choice”- Betty Workman
Honorable Mention- “It’s a Mystery”- Therese Ramsey
Bed Pieced Small Quilts
1st Place- “Grandmother’s Flower Garden”- JoAnn Collier
2nd Place- “Tumbling Illusions” – Ray Vander Bloemen
3rd Place- “Shakespear #3”- Sharon Phillips
Honorable Mention- “Pinwheels in the Garden” Barbara
Honorable Mention -“Ocean Tide”- Betty Workman
Bed Pieced Throw/Lap Quilt
1st Place- “It All “Adds” Up!”- Kristin Atha
2nd Place- “Pixelated Diamond”- Sharon Phillips
3rd Place- “The End of The Civil War Fabric!”- JoAnn Collier
Honorable Mention – “Hexagon Study” – Carol Parrish
Honorable Mention- “Grandma Goes Modern” -Sheri Shaw
Challenge Quilts
1st Place- “Remembering Cancun” Sheila Bayles
2nd Place- “All Because of The Red Corvette”- Sandy Gray
3rd Place- “Fireworks with Beads!!”- Diane Crandell
Hand Applique Quilt
1st Place – “Lollidot, Lollidot, Oh Lolli, Lolli, Lollidot!”- Nora
2nd Place- “Bird Houses and a Hive”- Diana Haseman
3rd Place- “A Tribute to The Ladies of Baltimore” -Marcia
Honorable Mention- “Log Cabin Memories”- JoAnn Collier
Hand Appliqued Small Quilt
1st Place- “My Little Baltimore” – Eiko Roby
2nd Place- “Bugs and Blooms” -Anne Marie Steeneck
3rd Place- “JoAnn’s Flower Garden”- JoAnn Collier
Honorable Mention- “My Little Dresses”- Helen Hefner
Honorable Mention- “Christmas is Coming” -Mary Knapp
Hand Quilted Bed
1st Place- “Colonial Creamer”- Marcia Rickansrud
2nd Place- “Carlee’s Quilt”- Lonetta Blevins
Hand Quilted Small
1st Place- “Twinkling Stars”- Linda Hancock
2nd Place- “Colonial Eagle” – Marcia Rickansrud
3rdPlace- “St. Nick”- Leeanna Walker
Machine Appliqued Bed
1st Place- “Warm Hearts”- Sandra Vetter
znct Place- “Nod to Nora”- Jeanie Schneider
3rct Place- “Paisley Petals” -Karen Harmony
Machine Applique WallHanging Large
1st Place – “Autumn Houses” – JoAnn Collier
2ndPlace – “Who Gives a Hoot” – Marjorie Langanke
3rd Place – “Wild Flowers” – Suzanne Tourtelot
Honorable Mention- “Funky Flower Frenzy”- Nora Krein
Machine Applique Small Wallhanging
1st Place- “Nature’s Beauty 2”- Therese Ramsey
2nd Place- “The Aquarium” -Sheila Bayles
3rdPlace- “The Secret Garden”- Karen Harmony
Miniature Quilts
1st Place- “Monday Morning Blues”- Natalie McCrory
2nd Place- “13 Stars”- Barbara Hamernik
Mixed Technique Bed Quilts
1st Place- “Dresden Plate” -JoAnn Collier
2nd Place- “Flowers All Around” -Helen Hefner
3rct Place- “Tom Sleeps Under Jane” – Biddy Pyle
Honorable Mention- “Spool Quilt” – Chyleen Bearden
Mixed Technique Large Wall Hanging
1st Place- “Choose Chik’un”- Barbara Hancock
2nd Place- “Blue Birds in the Air” – Kathy Garringer
3rd Place- “Purple Majesty” -Marjorie Langanke
Honorable Mention- “Fruit Fizzies” – Carol Parrish
Mixed Technique Small Wall Hanging
1st Place- “Retro Flower Boxes”- Natalie McCrory
2ndPlace- “Valentine Heart Sampler”- Shelly Watson
3rd Place- “Blue Basket” – Barbara Hamernik
Machine Quilted Bed
1st Place – “Smile on Me” – Raija Salomaa
2nd Place -“Rebel Stars” – Diane Crandell
3rd Place – “Smile on Me” – Kathy Turner
Other Techniques
1st Place- “Summer in Circle”- Shelly Watson
2nd Place- “Tumbling Baby Blocks”- Marjorie Langanke
3rd Place- “Butterfly and Buttercup”- Kathy Garringer
Time Span Quilts
1st Place- “Memories of Martha”- Sandra Vetter
2nd Place- “Sunbonnet Sue Quilt”- Joy Rodda
3rd Place- “The Boston Commons Quilt”- Nora Krein
Honorable Mention- “Aunt Golda’s Butterflies”- Janice Berry
Large Wall Hanging
1st Place- “Asian Lone Star” -Marjorie Langanke
2nd Place- “Jean’s Gift” – Darlene Szabo
3rd Place- “Tumbling Blocks” – Roxanne Birchard
Small Wall Hanging
1st Place- “Wildfire”- Hazel McFall
2nd Place- “Converging Jane” -Therese Ramsey
3rd Place- “Necktie Quilt”- Diane Crandell
Honorable Mention- “Hash Tag Challenge” -Hazel McFall

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